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April 2008


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Mar. 7th, 2008


Fish or No Fish?


  •  complete, healthy protein
  • fish supposedly don't feel pain
  • tasty
  • fertilizer (bones, water, etc.)
  • wouldn't be contributing to extinction and other issues involved with eating fish

Things to Consider:

  • Can fish live in run-off ponds? If so, would you want to eat the fish that came out of them?
  • Ecological benefits/drawbacks
  • Could we possibly ammend our "No Kill" philosophy to a "No Pain" philosophy, therefore not being quite as hypocritical?
  • Limit only to things you can get on the farm (i.e. freshwater, farmed fish, of which we only purchase the first generation)
  • Cleaning, won't have available energy/money for air filters, etc.
  • How much will it cost to make an effective pond where we can have generation after generation of fish?
  • Location


  • Setting up a potential double standard, opening up discussion on ammending the rules to allow consumption of chicken, pigs, cows, etc.
  • moral values
  • Can't buy from offsite as we will be eliminating all unnecessary purchases. Which reminds me, trips (that will cost money, not including free concerts, parks, museums, farmer's market, etc.) should be negotiated and decided upon unanimously, like everything else. First two years (my magic number, could take more or less) all funds are going into the pool, to be spent upon animals, seeds, tools, buildings, wind/solar technology, and whatever else the community deams necessary. Therefore, restaurants should be off-limits for at least the first couple of years, then it will become your own choice what you do with remaining funds (which raises the question of whether you will have time for a second job when we get this completely up and running)
  • Group meals? Cooking for a whole family is the only affordable and practical way of doing it on a farm, and if you put meat into the meal, bought or otherwise, threre will be people who can't eat it.
  • Bad habits, if one person begins going to restaurants on a regular basis, other people will want to as well, and it will become a distinction of class almost (those that can afford to go out and those that can't) I almost think we should all go out to the occasional restaurant (or other money involved trip) or none os us do (no resentments formed...)
  • Practicality, does it do more harm than good? I.e. resources, tools, cleaning, waste of water, attracting of racoons, and other unwanted animals
  • Can you make fish last from one generation (how easy is breeding?) Because paying to restock a pond every year is ridiculous, especially since not everyone will be using it. Again, at that point, you might as well buy it from the supermarket
  • We will have to pay to put in a pond. Is there any other benefits that come along with a pond?
  • potentially more fencing to prevent drowning, over-drinking, and broken bones
  • Ability to share meat with everyone interested without wiping out the population of fish.

*Remembering that we need a unanimous vote to pass every issue*

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