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April 2008

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sadtrapofgravit in nameyourcow

So... Atumnnn wanted us to post...... So posting am I.

-There was an article in the NY times the other day about young organic farmers that I read at work tonight. It wasn't super informative (it was found in the 'style' pages, so how much info can you expect). Basically, it talked about how a lot of urbanites are discovering farmers markets during their university years, and then starting farms/community gardens/etc after school.

-I want to find these people that ran the show at the Port Townsend farmers market last summer... I think they were called Frog Hill Farm. Not entirely sure, but they were on Whidbey Island somewhere...
I think (if I remember correctly) it was a couple, and they would purchase a farm and live there for a few years, fixing it up and getting it geared towards organic farming, and then they'd move on to do the same thing elsewhere.
I think..
((don't quote me on it, but something like that might be fun. at least for me... I know Autumn is a one-farm kind of lady, but.... :P ))

-We need to keep in mind that the likelihood of our farm/commune/thing becoming -entirely- self-sufficient within a few years is very slim. And getting out of the capitalist system is going to take a lifetime. At least... it looks that way.
Just to keep in mind (past the magical 2 years)

-I like the bread layout.


Dunno what else to say.

Will post if I come up with anything else (unlikely).


LMAO ROFL to the me being a one farm kind of lady bit. And truly I am, I just don't want to pour all of this time and energy and thought and planning and money into a place and then just leave. I can do that for houses that I don't really like, but this when we get it done is going to be home, and you can't just pick up and leave a home. Similar to the reason why I am never going to be able to be a foster doggie parent, and/or train seeing eye dogs.

And I thought we went over the magical two years bit, that's just the cut-off for when we stop taking all of everyone's incomes.
Yes, I know we did. I was trying to fill space :P Also, on the off-chance somebody new shows up, they'll have an idea of what we're doing... Sort of.

Well, I don't want to pour all this time and money and blood and sweat and tears into the leand, either... But I'm just saying.

((yeah, I actually think I said -all- of this to either one of you or both of you at some point, but you told me to post, and I am a sheep, so...))

hehe I like your icon :P